Capacity Building Program

The services provided by 7 Rivers in the Capacity Building Program have been determined to be a great need for smaller non-profit corporations.  These days we can find ourselves too busy, overwhelmed from challenges beyond the scope of implementation or just financially limited in taking the leap that is needed when trying to move forward with our organizations. 

7 Rivers will focus on providing these program services to other non-profits corporations or newly formed non-profits, who have the same mission and or geographical service area as 7 Rivers.

7 Rivers, Revitalization Group, Inc. provides the following Capacity Building Program services;

Administrative Mentorship

Corporate Structure:

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • By-Laws

  • Conflict of Interest Policies

  • Tax Exempt Application

Human Resources:

  • Employment Job Descriptions & Evaluation forms

  • Supervision consultation & mediation

Restrictions apply with additional services when requesting Program management.

It is the desire of 7 Rivers to give you the support or administrative equipping for operating a successful organization so that you may have a greater impact on the community you serve.  

-Please contact us for a price list or the availability of charitable funds for Capacity Building Services.