Music Ministry Programs

The 7 Rivers music ministry programs will start the planning process of its focus groups.

It is the intent of 7 Rivers to develop two main areas of focus for its music ministry program.

The first area of focus is to provide monetary assistance to existing Christ-centered music ministries or for the expansion of new Christ-centered music ministries.  The geographical area in which the music ministry activities are to be performed, must be located on or in close proximity to the 5 Indian Reservations located in the west central part of South Dakota, parts of North Dakota and Nebraska.  This would include, but not limited to, the following reservations;  Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, Standing Rock and Crow Creek.

Monetary assistance will be given, when available, through a selection process that prefers the recipient to be a faith-based non-profit corporation or a faith-based charitable organization.  Recipients must also show their capability to network with others, administer and or perform music ministry.  In the selection process recipients will expected to reveal their faith, connection to, or their calling to the vision of 7 Rivers.   Assistance awarded will be directly related to the purpose of ensuring and implementing recipients efforts for music ministry gatherings; .e.g. sponsorship.

The second area of focus for the 7 Rivers music ministry program will be for the enhancement of music educational purposes.  This part of the program will be to financially support and or network the music educational purposes throughout the designated reservations.  This will be done by providing schools, worship services, faith-based music gatherings or events and workshops; with musical instruments, music materials and or, coordinate professional musicians as individual trainers or instructors for facilitating workshops. 

Music is a core element to the soul and is proven to enhance learning, bring inspiration and hope. 

It is the desire of 7 Rivers to see the vision fulfilled in the unification of the 7 bands of the Lakota people through music worship to the Lord Jesus Christ.  For the Lord will inhabit the praise of his people.

-7 Rivers will post notifications on this site once funding is available and the selection process is open.

-Program recipients who will be performing music or other networking musicians may have their music gatherings or events posted in the 'Events' menu of this website.